1. Introducing a New Way to Gift

    As co-founders, we are beyond excited to introduce you to Karma, a new service that makes it possible to share a meaningful gift-giving moment with a friend, family member, or colleague. 

    Living far away from home, we’ve missed some important moments in the lives of our friends and families, and more than once we settled for posting Happy Birthday wall posts or sending impersonal gift cards. What we really wanted was a way to share a meaningful exchange in the moment we were thinking of them.  We wanted a way to put the sentiment and meaning back into gift giving, and make it simple.

    That is Karma.  A service for in-the-moment gifting. Send a physical, thoughtful gift to someone, even when you can’t be there in person.  Tell someone: thank you, congratulations, get well soon, or even just thinking of you — at the exact moment when it matters.

    only good things will follow

    All of this happens right from your mobile phone: see how it works.

    More than just a new way to give a gift, we’re proud of the innovations that make Karma a completely new social commerce experience:

    • Karma connects to Facebook, making it easy for you to remember the important moments and days in your friends’ lives.
    • The service allows you to send gifts even when you don’t know their shipping address or aren’t certain which size, flavor, color or style they’d prefer.
    • We carefully curate the products we offer and work with well known, high quality companies such as GUND, Chandon, Jawbone, and MoMA, so you always find a meaningful gift to send.
    • We partner with charities, making sure no gift goes to waste.

    Creating this new service from the ground up has been a thrilling experience and we’ve been honored to work with an amazing team of engineers, designers, and curators. Today we’re excited to introduce Karma to the world. We hope the service helps you share in life’s moments, however big or small.

    Experience Karma for yourself: download our iOS or Android apps now. 

    Karma Co-founders Lee & Ben