1. Karma is now Facebook Gifts

    Hi Karma friends,

    We’re excited to announce that Karma has integrated with Facebook and become Facebook Gifts. Gifts will be available for millions of people to send gifts in the moment that it counts. Many of the same gifts you sent through the Karma app are now available to send on Facebook, both on desktop and mobile, and we’ve been working hard to add tons more gifts you’ll love to share. In light of this transition, we will be switching fully from Karma to Facebook and turning off the Karma mobile app.  

    Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for Karma. We set out to create a brand new social gifting experience, and we’re so grateful that you were a part of the first stage in that creation.

    We hope you’ll check out Gifts on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gifts.

    The Karma Team

  2. Karma is moving to Facebook: Why social gifting is about to get a lot more social

    We founded Karma with the goal of adding the sentiment and meaning back into gift giving. That’s what Karma is all about. That’s what the Karma team set out to achieve.

    Over the last year, we’ve built a new e-commerce platform from the ground up. We’ve been honored to partner with amazing brands to create a curated catalog of products. We made those products instantly giftable in a brand new way. And we harnessed the power of Facebook’s social network to ensure you never miss a chance to show someone you care. The phenomenal response and feedback we’ve heard from customers has more than exceeded our expectations. And we’re just getting started — today we take social gifting to the next level.

    We’re thrilled to announce that Karma has been acquired by Facebook. The service that Karma provides will continue to operate in full force. By combining the incredible passion of our community with Facebook’s platform we can delight users in new and meaningful ways. As we say … only good things will follow.

    Simply put, together we can celebrate life’s important moments in ways we could not before. A word of heartfelt thanks to our partners, customers, and our incredible team for helping us share Karma with so many people. 


    Karma Co-founders Lee & Ben

  3. 12 Ways To Celebrate Mom

    The second biggest day for gift-giving is coming this Sunday: Mother’s Day, of course! We’ve been hard at work making sure we have great gifts for Mom, no matter her style and your wallet size. Here are some of our favorites.

    (PS: Don’t forget, you can schedule your gift ahead of time on Karma!)

    Mother's Day gifts karma

  4. How To Say Thank You On Admin Day

    Hopefully you already know that tomorrow, Wednesday April 25th, is Admin Day. It’s the perfect time to show your gratitude, so if you’re a little lost on what to get (especially if your admin is usually in charge of buying gifts) Karma can make it easier.

    1. You can send a gift even if you’re not in the office. Unless you’re on an airplane.

    karma airplane

    2. It’s a great alternative just in case your admin is allergic to flowers.

    karma allergic

    3. It would make you the awesome boss that gives awesome gifts (Like Jambox).

    karma jambox awesome

    4. It only takes seconds to send a gift, so you don’t have to find a last-minute gift at the corner store.

    admin karma

    5. But most importantly? You’ll be thanking the person who makes your life easier the other 364 days of the year.

    Karma admin deserves it

  5. 4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Wine

    Since Earth Day is this coming Sunday (April 22) let’s talk about two of our favorite things at Karma: being eco-friendly, and wine. Oh yes, you can be eco-conscious with wine, and in more ways than one. Here are just a few:

    1. Sustainable winemaking
    First of all, you can support wineries that use sustainable farming methods in their winemaking. Both Goosecross Cellars and Chandon grow their grapes while preserving the earth.
    goosecross and chandon

    2. Eco-friendly packaging
    Clif wine (which also uses sustainable farming methods) sells their wine in packaging that produces less waste. The pouch has 2 bottles worth of wine but with 90% less waste than two glass bottles.

    clif wine

    3. Reusing the bottle
    After you enjoy the wine, there are still things you can do for Mother Earth. Paddywax candles pour environmentally-friendly soy wax into cut wine bottles:

    paddywax candle

    Or you can grow your own herbs with the organic hydrogardens made from upcycled wine bottles:

    4. Use the whole grape
    These grapeseed oils use the leftovers from winemaking, called the pomace (the seeds, skins, and stems) to get their oils.

    grapeseed oil

    We love that all these awesome, beautiful products are also sustainable, and we’re proud to support them. Feel free to check out our other eco-friendly products (they’re all over Karma) and have a happy, sunny Earth Day!

  6. Miss Manners Weighs In: Giving Money

    Today we’re talking about the proper etiquette of gifting. Of course, we couldn’t do that without consulting the expert in the field: Miss Manners herself. Miss Manners (aka Judith Martin) has written a few books about acting properly, including her thick tome: Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior. It’s whip smart, a bit sassy, and surprisingly with the times. And in it, Miss Manners has a lot to say about gifts.

    So for today, let’s talk about giving money as gifts. Long story short: it makes Miss Manners’ skin crawl. She stands firmly against “eliminating the elements of thought, symbolism and surprise from presents.” She adds that instead of everyone giving each other money, “we could each just do our own shopping.”

    So if we can’t give money, what should we give if we’re unsure what’s best? She has two suggestions:

    1) Give something that is easily exchangeable. The condition here is that you can’t be offended if they do. We bet Miss Manners would appreciate how every Karma gift is easily exchangeable, either for a different gift on Karma or a donation to charity.

    2) Give something you can never have too much of. She suggests “bottles of wine, diamonds, and homemade cookies.” Those are all great options, but we’ve got a few more ideas that fall in this category. Consider:                                                                                                                                                                                    

    Chocolate (like the Vosges bacon chocolate bar)

    Vosges bacon chocolate Karma

    Candles (like the Paddywax Eco Collection)
    Paddywax eco candle wine bottle Karma

    Tea (like the Kusmi tea collections)
    Kusmi tea karma

    Or how about a private driver from Uber?

    uber karma 

    What do you think about giving money as a gift? Is Miss Manners right?

  7. It’s National Puppy Day!

    We know how crazy you are about your pooch. That’s why Karma has gifts for, about, and starring dogs. Here are some of our favorite pup-related products on Karma:

    Chilewich dog mats: woven, durable mats to keep eating spaces chic:

    chilewich dog mat

    Adorable Quirky Dogs stationary that puts Roofus in his most attractive accessories:

    quirky dog cards stationary

    A book starring Boo the Dog (Oh yes. He’s real.) guaranteed to brighten your day:

    Boo The Dog Book

    Quirky pop art from Andy Warhol, Dog c 1986 and You Are So Little:

    andy warhol dog 1986

    andy warhol you are so little

    USB Hub dog that lets you plug in 4 different ports (one per paw!):

    USB hub dog

  8. 5 Gifts On Karma That Say, “I Miss You.”

    1. When you want to say, “I’m counting down the days until I see you again.”

    MoMa perpetual calendar Karma

    For the lucky ones, missing someone has an end date. For these people, the Perpetual Calendar (which moves on its own and without batteries) would be the perfect way to show how quickly time can fly until the next time. At least it’s a better alternative to refusing to shave until you’re reunited.

    Karma Miss You hairy

    2. When you want to say, “Remember me in the little details.”

    Whiskey stones karma

    Every glass of whiskey they pour will be perfectly chilled if you send these small soapstones. Even in this small detail, they’ll remember you—whether they want to or not. Which hopefully they do, otherwise you probably shouldn’t be sending them “I miss you” gifts. Awkward.

    Karma remember me whiskey stones

    3. When you want to say, “I’ll still be there when you need me.”

    moleskine notebook orange karma

    Of course we have phones when we need to chat, but it’s not always the same. How about this idea: give someone a small Moleskine notebook to carry. Whenever they think of something to tell you, they can write it down. Then, when the book is full, they can send it to you. Frankly, I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

    Fish notebook writing miss you

    4. When you want to say, “I may be far away, but I still know you better than almost anyone.”

    OCD chef cutting board karma

    Maybe you have a friend who likes things particularly neat. Maybe they have very specific rules about letting food touch, or the best way to eat a donut. Whatever their quirk, this “OCD Chef” cutting board is the kind of gift you see and know EXACTLY who could use it. Sending it shows them that you were thinking about them lovingly, quirks and all.

    How To Eat A Donut Karma blog

    5. When you want to say, “Let’s hug it out.”

    Gund grey bear rafferty hug karma

    Until Karma figures out how to send your hugs across the country (which would require some Willy Wonka-style magic), we have the World’s Most Huggable Bears from GUND. That lucky bear can collect all your hugs for you until you’re finally able to get them for yourself.

    teddy bear hug karma